Monday, October 29, 2012

Reflection - Emily Wu

After we were given the task, we immediately went on to brainstrom on the ideas. After around fifteen minutes, we had a total of around 23 ideas. Then, we spent another 10 minutes to narrow the ideas down and also to do the script for the video. However , then , we were only left with around 10 mins to do the video. So, we only managed to do an audio file and take a few pictures.

I think what we can improve on is to manage our time properly and spend more time making our video instead. As although we had a lot of good ideas , we did not manage to convevy them .

Reflection 1 - Benz Kew

We could have better managed our time because we did not complete the visual presentation. The audio could have been better and it was mostly rushed. We need to be better prepared in the future when tasks are given at any time and ensure that we complete the tasks on time. Our group could also actively participate more often and understand each other which in turn build our bonds and friendship. I know that there are many groups that are better than us in technology and ideas which I have never thought of, but as long as we continue to progress as a team and strive a common goal together, we would eventually improve and be proficient in many ways. Also, stay happy :)


Name; Palo
Cost 199
Focus: A revolution for the whole family

What could have been improved:
Time management could have been improved as although we have set out the main things we have wanted to do clearly. Time spent on brainstorming could have been too long, thus time spent on the real filming and audio and pictures were cut short. 
Clarity: Video theme we wanted to show was not shown at all(family) did not have time to piece together the video to show this. 

I would have spent less time on brainstorming and went straight into the filming 10 mins in. I would also have take care of more difficult tasks like photo taking and video taking before so we could have time to perfect it.

Reflection - Priyanka

We took very few pictures of the device and we named the device 'PALO' which is the Spanish word for stick. We mistook the text file as poster and started to make a poster without having time to do our video. In the end we had to do an audio recording and loop it while showing the poster. We wasted quite a lot of time on the name of the device and taking the picture of it. If we were more time conscious and spend more time on the task given, we would have done even better.